• Specific examples of already implemented technological solutions

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  • Automotive: injection units machining

    Reaming high-precision holes in Common Rail Diesel systems for the fuel distribution system to injectors. Annual production: about 12 million holes, 44% cost savings on tools compared to the previous solution.

  • Automotive: brake calliper machining

    Reaming piston holes in brake callipers with an excellent stability of production process and long tool life. Annual production: about 800,000 holes.

  • Hydraulics: machining of the hydraulic motor body

    Reaming piston holes in hydraulic motor bodies with 16-26 mm in diameter. Unique design of MT3 tool. Annual production: about 1.5 million holes. Video presentation

  • Hydraulics: machining of the hydraulic regulator

    Producing precision piston holes in hydraulic components on robotic CNC machining centres without the use of the honing machine. Applicability of the machine: 20% higher.

  • Automotive: machining valve guides

    Turning valve guides in the engine head. We have been a permanent supplier since 2002. Annual production: 3 million holes. Significant cost reduction of 80% and doubling the tool life.

  • Automotive: reaming hardened steel

    Reaming holes in the body of injection pumps from steel with a hardness of 62 HRC. CBN tools of our own design. Annual production: about 3.3 million holes. 44% savings compared to the previous solution. Savings of 1.4 million Euros in the previous 10 years.