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Minor quantities and extra charges

Minimum order quantities for solid carbide reamers Extra charge for intermediate sizes and other fits than H7 (H8) for solid carbide reamers.

Quantity net / piece Quantity net / piece
1 1150 6 190
2 575 7 160
3 380 8 140
4 285 9 125
5 230 >10 115
  1. Our reamers are available ex stock in H7. Please advise the required fit.
  2. For intermediate sizes the extra charge ist added to the next higher standard price.
  3. Special lengths, left hand cut etc. on request.
  4. Extra charges are invoiced net per piece.

Delivery terms

Tools on stock – within 1 week after customer’s order is received.

Tools with different fits, non-standardized measurements – within 2 weeks after customer’s order is received.

Non-stock handled tools – within 6 weeks after customer’s order is received.

Atypical tools on request according to a special drawing – within 8 weeks after a confirmation of customer’s order.